Copenhagen Bioinformatics Hackathon - 2021 Protein Edition


2021 Protein Edition

Friday April 23rd to Sunday April 25th

Join a virtual bioinformatics hackathon at the end of April where teams will build machine learning models to predict protein characteristics using structural or sequence data.

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Hackathon Details

In late 2020, Deepmind's Alphafold2 algorithm achieved ground-breaking results at the CASP14 competition. By applying in-silico methods, it will soon not only be possible to get the full protein structure just from an amino acid sequence but also to predict various important chemical and biological features. What real-world applications will this unlock, and which advantages will this bring on protein research?

Join the Copenhagen Biohackathon 2021 and let's find out!

Practical Details

  • From evening of Friday April 23rd to Sunday 25th

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    Location: Virtual hack from home

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    You are welcome irrespective of where you are based

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    Teams are from 2 to 5 people. If you don't have a team yet, do not worry, we will help you match up with some awesome people.

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    Application Deadline: 10th of April.

Participating Teams

BioHackathon 2021 - Protein Edition

Who Should Join?

The event is for students, researchers, and entrepreneurs with backgrounds in bioinformatics, biology, biochemistry, data science and related fields. The event is open to attendees irrespective of their programming level or experience. The hackathon is online and open to the world - you do NOT have to be from Copenhagen to attend.

The hackathon is for you if you are excited to use and learn about data science and computational methods; if you are curious to meet and work with new people; and are ready to give your best shot at working with one of the most fast moving areas in biology.

What to expect?

  • Meet fellow scientists, collaborators and mentors from industry and academia
  • Learn about protein data, structural bioinformatics and machine learning
  • Lots of coding and of course lots of fun

Challenge Overview

The challenge summaries will be posted below as they become available. The detailed descriptions and data sets will be made available at the hackathon kick-off.


The hackathon is being put together as a collaboration between CBiovikings, REBBLS, BioLib and others.


Collaborators and mentors

During the hackathon, teams will be working on challenges posed by leading researchers from:

University of Oxford
Technical University of Denmark
Novo Nordisk
Protein Qure
Greiff Lab

Get in touch 👋

Contact the organizers at